Monday Motivation - 08/02/21

So annoyed with myself that it has been almost 2 years since I wrote my first blog post when I promised myself I'd do it every bloody month!! However as always, life got in the way and so much has happened since then.

So, where do I start? What do I write about? Is anyone interested in what I have to say? Just a few of the questions running through my mind right now! However I've made a promise to myself that I will do a new blog post every week to tie in with #MondayMotivation .


Monday is assumed to be the shittest day of the week and to be fair it usually is.....but only if we let it be!! So my aim every Monday is to write something positive in this small space. Whether that's looking back on the weeks achievements or me sharing some of my words of wisdom that I have learnt along the way in surviving life and running a small business.

I've got to do something to remind me what day it is because COVID has played havoc with remembering which day is which as they all just blend into one. But COVID deserves its own post so I won't mention it properly until next week!

I've got a busy week ahead as usual but I've been taking some advice from a Business Coach and I need to PLAN PLAN PLAN....! Routine is currently out the window so I've done a bit of research and it seems planning my weeks is the way forward instead of winging it as I tend to do I'm going to be on my A game.


I hope this hasn't been too much of a ball ache to read but going forward its going to be sooo good! And yes there may be some expletives along the way so apologies if this isn't your thing!! But I promise it will be fun and light-hearted as that's what Glam Rocks Boutique is all about!

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