How I Got Here...

I'm not quite sure what is 'the norm' to write here for my first blog post (can't believe i'm blogging haha!) so I'll tell you how I ended up here and I promise I'll keep it brief ;-)

So, i'm 2015 I had my one and only child. Literally stuck in the house on maternity leave (I'm not one of those mams to go to groups, sing songs and pretend to feed my little one homemade food at every mealtime lol. Sorry if you are!! Just not my thing and I wouldn't have fit in) and I was scrolling through Facebook as you do. I could see all these girls working from home and thought 'Yeah I want a piece of that’ Long story short I ended up in Network Marketing.

I absolutely loved the products (still do), loved the girls I was working with but something just wasn’t clicking for me. I tried my hardest for nearly 3 years but I just couldn’t make it work for me like the other girls could. I had seen so many stories of success from them, I was desperate by now to do something for myself which is where this wonderful idea came along. I had always talked about having my own t- shirt business, i absolutely love motivational quotes but I didn't really have the funds to get it off it’s backside or the time. I now know, the time will never be right, you just have to go with it and now I had the motivation.

I wanted to be my own boss, have the ability to work from home and the luxury of being able to take my little one to school without paying for childcare.

So here I am, in my spare room making funny, quirky, off the wall slogan t shirts with a few motivational ones thrown in and I'm loving it.  I hope you do too!


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